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Problem with PSpice Simulation

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by zero, Apr 13, 2005.

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  1. zero

    zero Guest

    I'm having trouble with a PSpice simulation for a relaxation oscillator
    posted in a previous message on sci.electronics.basics: "PUT Oscillator?"

    Terry Pinnell was able to model the oscillator succesfully, using the
    following netlist:

    This simulation works correctly for CircuitMaker (using
    Spice3f5/XSpice). A picture of the results is at

    I tried the following netlist in PSpice Lite Version 9.2:
    This circuit does not oscillate. V(C1_1) is 4.9504V, V(C1_2) is 5.293V,
    VB(Q1) is 5.293V, VB(Q2) is 772.971mV. I(D1) = IC(Q2) = 89.884mA. I(C1) =0.
    I think that IC(Q2) should discharge C1 but all the current goes through D1

    I was wondering how this circuit is supposed to work, and what possible
    changes I could make to the PSpice netlist to derive the correct results.
  2. zero: There's a typo in your URL; it should be
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