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Problem with portable MP3 player

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jo, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. Jo

    Jo Guest

    Dear sir/ madam

    Since a few months I have got a brandless portable USB-MP3 player, type
    The last time I plugged it in the USB port of my computer a
    "starting..."-message with an hourglass on the LCD display appeared.
    Since that message appeared my computer doesn't recognize the device
    anymore. The starting-message won't disappear. Even when I remove the
    batteries for a while, or when I turn the MP3 player on and off, or
    when I reconnect the device in the USB for a several times, I still see
    that frozen message with a non moving hour glass. Unconnected the
    message also appears.
    The day before the (clinical?) death of my MP3 player I put some files
    on the device, but one file was damaged according to the player. I
    thought it was just an incompatibility problem because the file worked
    on my computer. But when the voice recorder of my MP3 player couldn't
    save a file, I deceided to format the memory. After formatting the
    device worked without any problems. But not for long...
    I use the operating system Windows 2000, and I'm not sure if I
    formatted the device in FAT. According tot the manual FAT32 can harm
    the memory. But I guess the format program of Windows should give a
    message like: "Are you sure you want to format this device in FAT32? It
    is another system". I am very sure the problem has nothing to do with
    the drivers: the driver is installed and I tried the device in several
    computer. Same reaction of Windows. :-(

    How can I reset the device? Is it possible that the microcontroller
    software is damaged or erased?

    Yours faithfully,

    Jo Luijten
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