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Problem with Modulator?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by js5895, Jun 7, 2005.

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  1. js5895

    js5895 Guest


    I bought a Jensen RF Modulator. I hooked up the input/output RF cables
    and powered it up but, every time I plug in the composite video cable,
    I lose channels 22 and lower, except for channels 3 or 4 for the
    signal, 23 and higher gradually come back as I go up towards channel 45
    and then gradually go out again when I go higher. Also there's no
    cable. Is there a problem with this? or is this normal function.
    All I want to do is input a composite video signal with sound, and have
    it on channel 3 or 4, and keep all the other channels intact.

    Thanks, for all your help.
  2. Dana Raymond

    Dana Raymond Guest

    Sounds like you are connecting the RF modulator output and your digital
    cable box to the TV at the same in, in parrallel. Is that right?

    OK, so in one word: DON'T. Those 2 devices are not designed to be connected
    that way and you may lose your Cable box and/or Modulator completely!

    This may be too obvious a thought, but why don't you get yourself a TV with
    component video and sound inputs and lose the modulator?, or even get one of
    those handy-dandy composite cable RF switches from RadioShack?

  3. js5895

    js5895 Guest

    I don't understand what you mean, are you saying that I
    connected RF output to an RF output or, modulator output
    to TV input and cable output to TV input at the same time
    then, no, everything is connected in series.

    The main TV does have composite video inputs. I want my
    computer's video signal on my TV for movies. The reason
    for the modulator is so I can use one cable instead of
    three and, yeah, I know I will lose quality but, instead
    of tuning to channel "input", I want it on a normal
    channel like 3 or 4 and keep all the other signals intact,
    also I have other TV's I want it on

    Thanks, Josh.
  4. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    If your cable service provider has a signal on chan 3 &4, then there is no
    way you can add another signal on chan 3 or 4 without first blocking the
    network signal on the channel(s) or using a switch to transfer the TV
    between the signal sources.

  5. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    That is how the modulator is supposed to work- with no video input, it
    will feed your cable RF IN to RF OUT to the TV unaltered- when video is
    input to the modulator, it detects this automatically and switches your
    cable RF IN off and applies the modulated video/sound to RF OUT on CH
    3/4- your cable channels will feed through but they are attenuated
    (weakened or made smaller in power level).
  6. js5895

    js5895 Guest

    But video game modulators keep the other channels
    intact, why can't this do the same thing?
  7. Fred Bloggs

    Fred Bloggs Guest

    I assume this is to obtain a cleaner signal on ch 3/4 and the cheapest
    possible retail price. If you want to watch the cable channels then turn
    your video source off- why would you have this running when you are not
    watching it?- are you time division viewing or something?
  8. js5895

    js5895 Guest

    The computer signal is difficult to turn on and off and,
    someone else watches TV and that signal. Also I work on the
    computer at the same time. Not sure what "time division viewing"
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