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Problem with maxtor hdd

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by djino, Nov 16, 2003.

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  1. djino

    djino Guest

    The disc crash ,Electornica is good but the dish inside has
    broken on the null sector.So I took and rotate the plate
    but now i have to write null sector on the plate.
    So i heard that i have to connect the pin-s on hdd in the combination and
    just instert the el.power and then the chip on disk write null sector on
    Does someone do this ever ?
    I need the sheme or eny help .

    if you have the url or something similar mail me at

    One more thing the disk is Maxtor 40 GB

    Thanks in advance..

    CU :(
  2. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    I found ancient runes from djino[] in the floor of
    I can't understand your message too much, but do you mean the 'Track 0' (sp?,
    portuguese term is 'trilha 0') on the hard drive? Or do you mean the boot
    sector? Or ...?
  3. djino

    djino Guest

    I meen the boot sector or null sector .Place where are stored informations
    about the hdd parametars.
  4. djino

    djino Guest

    I have one Maxtor slim (one plate) disk.The size is 40 GB.He become unstable
    I lose my all my data.Bios see the disk just fine.I try to repair it from
    dos with
    pqmagic,fdisk/mbr,Unix fips etc.But the error is still there.Neither one OS
    ( windows or Unix-linux,Free Bsd,Suse) can see the disk.After i realise that
    the electornic part are OK I decide to open itand reverse the plate
    I Heard that when they assembling HARD DISK's in factories they
    use Procedure for creating null or boot sector.They conect the power (12 V)
    and some pins (of the hdd cable).When the power is on the chip on hdd write
    boot or null sector on the disc plate.Considering i reverse the plate in the
    i wonder is there somebody who know Anyhow to do this.Or is there any plan
    or diagram
    or something Similarly that i can create null (boot) sector.
    If somebody have any information about this topic or URL,forum i will be

    Please e-mail me at
    Thanks in Advance
  5. Well, when you opened up the disk without clean-room facilities, and without
    knowing what you were doing before starting... You have pretty much killed
    that drive.
  6. Chaos Master

    Chaos Master Guest

    I found ancient runes from djino[] in the floor of
    Boot sector is the area which has the boot info (i.e. which OS'es are
    installed). If Windows is installed on this HD AND this HD is FAT32, get a boot
    disk (from Win95 or 98 will do), hook up this HD as C:, and run FDISK /MBR.
  7. djino

    djino Guest

    This is not the solution.I'm not trying to repair disk
    or to erase Master Boot Record (therefore it's impossible).
    Hard Disc is corrupted very bad.
    What I'm trying to do is to create correct disk on the
    other side of the broken plate.
    But to do that i need to know what pin-s on the HDD
    cable connector to link in the short circuit.

    Does anybody know something about that ?
  8. Jim Adney

    Jim Adney Guest

    I don't think there is a fix by the method you suggest.

    Maxtor probably has a diagnostic test program which can do a low level
    format to your disk if it is possible to save it.

    I suspect that the fact that you have flipped the disk over means that
    this disk drive will not be repairable.

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