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Problem with input voltage on frequecy meter

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Bunyano, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. Bunyano

    Bunyano Guest

    Can anyone please help me...I'm building a frequency meter using a
    Infineon c167 microcontroller to accept signals in the range of 0.1Hz
    - 100Mhz. The brief also states that the peak to peak input voltage
    levels vary between 0.1v and 20v. This obviously needs to be stepped
    down to 0 - +5v be accepted by the prescaler circuitry and the
    microcontroller, but if i simply divide it by 4 say, then then lowest
    voltage level would become too small. I also need something that will
    not affect the frequecies being passed through and the impedence which
    needs to stay high...

    I'm just a beginner in this subject and would very much appreciate any
    wisdom anyone could give me on this matter...

  2. Look at the limits...

    Amplify the .1 Volt signal up to 5 volts, a MMIC would do the job.
    Clip the higher level signals DOWN to .3 volts which would not over drive
    the MMIC.
    (Schottky diodes back to back.)
    | __O Thomas C. Sefranek
    |_-\<,_ Amateur Radio Operator: WA1RHP
    (*)/ (*) Bicycle mobile on 145.41, 448.625 MHz
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