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Problem with Compaq Presario display

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by [email protected], Nov 19, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    Hi. I'm having a problem with my screen, and I hope someone can help.
    Basically, the display uses slightly over 1/2 the width of the laptop
    monitor and extends down below the actual monitor, and the image is
    squished. I don't really know how to explain it, but it's totally
    unusable without an external monitor. Another problem is that in the
    display settings, the computer thinks it has a max resolution of
    1400x1020, but actually the screen has a max of 1280x1024. I've had
    this problem occasionally before, when I'd connect the laptop to an
    external projector and power down without opening the laptop. In the
    past, one or two reboots would fix the problem automatically. This
    time, however, the laptop wasn't connected to anything external, and a
    zillion reboots hasn't solved it. I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware
    problem, and everything looks normal when you connect it to an external
    monitor (but that solution isn't so mobile ;) ). I tried reinstalling
    the display drivers, but that didn't change anything. Any help would be
    appreciated! It's an ATI graphics card, in case that helps. Thanks in
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    I presume you checked the resolution settings on your laptop to confirm that
    it has not changed, or tried a lower resoultion?
  3. Guest

    oh yes, i tried everything, and in the end fixed the problem. it turned
    out the be a hardware issue. i had to completely take apart the laptop
    to get to the video card, and i cleaned it and put it back in snugly,
    and now it works perfectly again. as an aside, i noticed that the fan
    had lots of dust in it, and now that i've cleaned that out, the lappy
    is quieter and the fan blows full speed much less often.
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