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problem with cd player

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by ken, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. ken

    ken Guest

    I have a combo cd-player, phon. double cassette and am/fm - Fisher -
    bought abut 1990.

    Lately the cd's - toward the end of the cd - #26 of 28 cuts - the sound
    is distorted and there is a sound of clicking like a cracked lp record
    - what is wrong and how do i get it fixed - it is front end loader, not
    a top loader


  2. how do i get it fixed

    1. Bring to a repair shop, and pay for repair estimate.
    2. Approve the repair estimate.
    3. When the item is repaired, pay for the repair and pick it up.

    But enough sarcasm...
    It sounds like it could be a broken gear in the sled mechanism - that's
    what moves the laser across the disc.
    Or it may be as simple as needing a complete cleaning and greasing,
    including removing the old, dried , dirty grease and applying fresh
    grease in the correct area.
    If it needs cleaning and grease it should cost the shop's standard labor
    charge for that type of unit.
    If the laser or another part is bbad it may not be worth the cost of repair.
  3. The other semi-sarcastic :) posting gave good advice if you aren't interested
    in attempting it yourself. If you are, see the CD Player Repair Guide
    at the site below that has cleaning and lubricating instructions.

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