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Problem with audio systems, cannot switch between headphones and speakers without replugging ?!

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Skybuck Flying, Nov 25, 2012.

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  1. Hello,

    Currently it seems necessary to plug/unplug headphones/speakers when wanting
    to switch between them.

    Since PC case is under 110 volts for ungrounded PCs this creates potential
    for damages to systems.

    Therefore audio systems should be designed to switch between headphones and
    speakers without having to re-plug anything.

    I am not sure if my receiver can do it for example, but I am pretty sure my
    soundblaster can't do it, without a replug ;)

  2. I chatted with somebody who also had problems with headset versus speakers.

    Team speak would get screwed up somehow when detaching headset.

    Solution person used, was an additional cd player to play music while using

    For me that solution would suck, I'd rather have all neat in one place.

  3. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    With auto-sensing contacts, some do get downright weird. I've
    actually had a Turtle Beach lock up the computer if switched while in
    an operational state. And, nothing I could do with a Xonar of late
    prepared me of late from having to take apart the computer, find some
    leads for the board block provision to wire in a separate microphone

    I'd be in the middle of hot, hot sexual conversations, see, when the
    microphone would cut me off in the middle of congenially consensual
    climactic concepts arising during intercourse, that need to be aired
    out, to switch to microphone routing to that circuity block. Which is
    indefensibly a most untenable way to conduct oneself, to have to stop
    to consider.
  4. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    Mine's software-cued, I guess -- so not much else to choose, other
    than switching software. The telephone services run will initially
    detect a quiet state at the soundboard's microphone input selector,
    says as much with a software notice, and then randomly may initialize
    the other soundboard-connection block for optional use if the computer
    case is built for front jacks. Never happens the other way around,
    which is odd, so I'm stuck with a working/dependable microphone only
    out of the computer case. Have supposedly a "high-end" audio-chipped
    setup on a newer motherboard I haven't tried out yet. Give it a spin,
    as it also has all I need for communication services -- Echo Feedback
    Cancellation on the television's cheap built-in 4watt speakers. Last
    SoundBlaster I used (long time ago) I thought a total pig on driver
    resources and overall software overkill. ASUS Xonar boards seem the
    king of value for bang these days -- good reviews, and I know with
    mine I've run into some 3rd-party driver takes that are short, sweet,
    and impressive.
  5. Maybe this problem/issue is already solved.

    Since my DreamPC2006 is now back alive with a decent motherboard (it seems
    ?) the audio connector is connected to motherboar and is connected to front
    audio plugs... so maybe those could be used for headsets... but for now I'd
    rather not touch it...

    I don't like leaving a mic in... it's spy-prone me thinks...

    That's the real issue hear...

    I don't like having a mic sticking in my pc ! ;) =D

  6. Flasherly

    Flasherly Guest

    The ol' open mic syndrome. Used to have them, but never on a or my
    PC. Seen where people leave the mic open and start broadcasting, over
    the air, trunked channels, whatever, until someone called a landline
    or walked in to put them out of their misery. 'If ever I did not say
    that right -- should they have gotten put in misery -- to the best of
    my knowledge of incidents I say or may or not have repeatably heard
    said.' ...all you really can do, to put in that on a tape loop for
    broadcasting every five minutes, so legally you'll be OK for normal
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