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Problem with Allen Bradley Micrologix 1500 PLC

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by BIGEYE, Aug 12, 2005.


    BIGEYE Guest

    While trying to go online to a Mirologix 1500 using RSLogix 2.50, at the end
    of uploading processor image I get an error Upload Failed - Decompiler
    As a result I cant go online to view/edit the programmable controller
    There is something on the Rockwell website concerning this but I think you
    need to be online to fix. Unless there is another way.
    Anybody can offer any assistance.
  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Are you using a 485 cable to connect? If so
    Check your cable that your using to connect to the processor.

    Can you change areas of the program and just view the processor?

    Last resort which may be a option or may not. Cold boot the processor DO NOT
    remove the processor. I am not sure if this one uses EEPROM to write the
    program to memory. Most do I would hate to give you information that causes
    more problems than it solves.

    BIGEYE Guest

    That should have been RSLogix 5.20

    The website says
    Decompiler error / unknown error when trying to upload or go online with a
    Micrologix 1500.

    Empty Datafile in the project.
    RSLogix 500 will not upload a project that has an empty data

    Upload the project with RSLogix 500 ver 4.0 or later. Open the suspect
    datafile and expand it to at least one element. Save the project and
    download to the processor.

    But I am using version 5.20 and still have this problem.
  4. Beer Guy

    Beer Guy Guest

    I don't have a solution to your problem. But, just to clarify, you are
    using RSLogix 5000 and not RSLogix 500, right? The error message that you
    posted says RSLogix 500. The Micrologix programs with RSLogix 5000.
  5. Ben Miller

    Ben Miller Guest

    Nope. The RSLogix 500 programs the Micrologix.

    Ben Miller
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