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Problem in image of CPD-E500E Sony Monitor

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Starflex, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. Starflex

    Starflex Guest

    Hi to everybody!
    In this link you can d/load the manual:

    The monitor had a problem.
    I had fixed a previous, overbright problem using WinDAS. I thinked that I
    can solve also this problem of distorsion of the image, but it is not
    possible via software.
    The problem is rappresented in this paint:

    The monitor had a distorsion on the top and bottom right corner: in this
    corner, the image is also out of convergence and out of focus. If i set
    focus (in FBT) and convergence (using OSD) to see clearly in those corner,
    the image is, f course, out of convergence and out of focut in the ather
    parts of the screen.
    The screen seem "hitted": like the regulation of trapezoid, but in the top
    and in the bottom part of the screen...and is impossible to correct it using
    the OSD regulations.

    Do you have any tips..?
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