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Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Snap Whipcrack.............., Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. Lionel

    Lionel Guest

    Windex works beautifully. It's what I've used to clean & unclog
    inkjets for nearly 20 years, & hasn't damaged even a single printer.
    You just have to be careful to keep it away from electrical contacts
    (eg; on the print head or carriage). If you do get some in the wrong
    place, clean it up with a rag wet in pure alcohol (iso or metho) & let
    it dry before powering up.
  2. Ken G.

    Ken G. Guest

    For Ink cartridges with the print heads on them you can take a container
    lid and fill it with real warm water and set the cartridges head in the
    warm water for a while , take it out and dry it off with paper towels .
    This can be a mess but sometimes it does work .

    I like HP printers and have a newer one that uses those real small
    cartridges 56 or something . It always works and wasnt very expensive .
  3. quietguy

    quietguy Guest

    I guess you have an Epson printer - bad choice. My HP sits for months at a
    time, then prints nicely when I need it to

    David - who stupidly bought an Epson 400 but gave it away because of heads
    clogging up
  4. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

    Yes. OKI still make dot matrix for example. You will pay a bit more
    for these because they are not so widely used these days. They are
    still the only type of printer which can be used to print multi-part
    forms such as airline tickets etc.
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