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Print 2d barcode on PCB

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Mirko, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Mirko

    Mirko Guest

    Hi, I hope to have chosen the right newsgroup but I didn't know where
    to ask.
    I have to print a barcode on PCB and I have only 5 x 10 mm space in
    which I can print.
    What I need in order to make it? What machinery is necessary?
    Thanks at all in advance.

  2. Borat

    Borat Guest

    maybe google "brady label printer barcode" or similar search string
  3. Mirko

    Mirko Guest

    Thanks Borat, but the problem is that I have only 5 x 10 millimeters
    available for printing onto the PCB for this reason it's very difficult
    print onto a label. I think is necessary print directly onto PCB, but I
    have no idea to make it. However thanks for your help!

    Borat ha scritto:
  4. Guest


    I believe that you can get a standard font for the bar code numbers,
    import them as per the pcb tool you are using.

    You don't stand a chance with the silkscreen to the resolution you
    need. Your only hope (and even then you will PAY for it) is on the top
    or bottom metal layer and remember to remove the solder resist. However
    I will be surprised if you get the contrast that is needed for a bar
    code scanner to see it. I'll give good odds that you end up with a
    bigger bar code, using a printed label, on the break off portion of
    your pcb panel.

  5. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Guest

    That will get you the font, just write the code in text (following the
    instructions given with the font zipfile). Assuming your PCB program can
    use true type fonts for text.

    But as someone else says, resolution may well be problematic.

    Paul Burke
  6. john jardine

    john jardine Guest

    ( He mentioned a 2D (chequerboard) type barcode, so his resolution problems
    are ^2 as compared to the normal stripe patterns)
  7. Boris Mohar

    Boris Mohar Guest

    Is the barcode different for every board?
  8. Paul Burke

    Paul Burke Guest

    Sorry, he did. He's being a bit greedy.
  9. Mirko

    Mirko Guest

    Hi, thanks at all for your response!
    I find this systems for laser engraving, in your opinion that could be
    useful for my scope?
  10. Boris Mohar

    Boris Mohar Guest

    It might not give you enough contrast for the reader. Laser engraved part
    numbers on chip are difficult to read at best of times. And that is with
    cranial processing. Check out the contrast requirements of the reader.


    Boris Mohar

    Got Knock? - see:
    Viatrack Printed Circuit Designs (among other things)

    void _-void-_ in the obvious place
  11. Mirko

    Mirko Guest

    Thanks Boris, in your opinion what would be the best solution?
    Thank you,

    Boris Mohar ha scritto:
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