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Pressure sensor help

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Ayman, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Ayman

    Ayman Guest

    I am looking for a pressure sensor for in vivo measurement of growth.
    The sensor will be connected to a wireless transmitter (V-link form
    microstrain). The manufacturer recommends that the sensor should have 4
    ends (sens+, sens-, ground and power). the power supply is 3.6 Vdc. and
    the output should be in voltage. the thickness should be less than 4
    mm. Price is not an issue
    my background is medical so i don't know anything about electronics

    Do you any company that manufucture similar products?
    Thanks in advance
    my email is:
  2. Alex Gibson

    Alex Gibson Guest

    What sort of pressure ? - air , fluid , what ?

    What range of pressure , what accuracy ,what output voltage range ?

    What size for the sensor ?
    Does it have to have medical certification or other certification ?

    What sort of growth ?

    Need to be a lot more specific

  3. Ayman

    Ayman Guest

    i am going to measure pressure exerted by cartilage on a solid surface
    (bone), i am expecting that one surface is fixed and the other is
    pressing. The sensor should be as thin as possible (4mm at most) the
    diameter is not that critical (1.5cm or less can work), i need the
    sensor to be flat (like a coin). the sensor should operate using
    wheatstone bridge principle. As to range i have no information about
    the expected pressure (no literature), iam mainly concerned to know if
    there is pressure or not more than quantification of pressure. As to
    the output, it should be between 0-3 Volts.
    I am looking for companies that manufacture this type of sensor (with
    this size), if there were no companies i will try to make one by myself
    (if it is easy).
    Please feel free to contact me via email: so i
    can send you the circuit diagram.
    Thanks for help and comments, sorry for inspecificity
  4. Poxy

    Poxy Guest

    What you are talking about is commonly called a strain guage - there's
    plenty of info on the net about them - you'll also get useful information
    searching for load cell.
  5. I am pushing to remember, but i did some work like this years ago for
    Uni of QLD IIRC. It might pay top give the medicine dept a call. They
    supplied the strain guages which were mounted to titanium. I had to
    bond the wire to the sensor.

    Furthermore, I dont think you will get the output you desire. Most
    strain guages (wheatstone bridges) will only change a few millivolts
    when they go out of balance.

    To be brutally honest. if you are developing this for a commercial
    application I think you are on your own.
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