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Presensitizing PCBs? - Please help...

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Joeseph C., Nov 7, 2003.

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  1. Joeseph C.

    Joeseph C. Guest

    I have spent the last few days reading every tutorial I could find on
    the negative exposure process for PCBs. Every one of these tutorials
    says that I need to either buy presensitized PCBs or spray the board
    with photo lacquer. Does anyone know what photo lacquer is or where I
    can find it?

    I'm to the point of using (or at least trying) daguerreotype, but
    there has to be an easier way...

    Thank You

  2. Ian Stirling

    Ian Stirling Guest

    Search on "positive photoresist spray" on any larhe electronics catalog.
  3. Joeseph C.

    Joeseph C. Guest

    Search on "positive photoresist spray" on any larhe electronics catalog.

    I've tried on Digi-Key and Mouser with no luck these are the only two
    large supply houses I know of. I have also tried those keywords and
    several others on Yahoo, Google, MSN and DMOZ also without success. If
    you know of a specific company that carries this stuff please let me

    Thank You

  4. GPG

    GPG Guest

    Not all are sprays, some are liquid. Clean board thoroughly, apply
    resist, prebake in warm oven, expose, develop, post bake, etch. Or buy
    precoated board.
  5. Mac

    Mac Guest

    I think injectorall has what you want.


  6. R.Legg

    R.Legg Guest

    Try KPR, the designation for the standard Kodak photoresist product.

    Other manufacturers will also refer to it for comparison to their
    improved materials.

  7. Rob

    Rob Guest

    Joe, is there anyway you can invert your artwork and use positive resist? If
    so the following may help.

    If you can track down an agent for "Kinsten" brand PCB products on your side
    of the world. It's easy to get in Australia so you should just about be able
    to buy it at the corner shop! :~) Precoated is definitely the way to go.
    Price in US$ would probably be about $5 for SS, $7 for DS, fibreglass
    150mm x 300mm x 1.6mm thick FR4.

    good luck
  8. Don't waste your time with spray-on resist. It's useless for all but the lowest resolution boards.
    It's almost impossible to get an even coating, free from dust.

    For tons of info on making really good homebrew PCBs, check out :
  9. Barry Lennox

    Barry Lennox Guest

    I think KPR went off the market a couple of years ago, pity, it was
    good. I still have about 1/2 of a 31 year-old bottle. Still works like
    new,keep it in a cool, dark place, just as the instructions say.

    Barry Lennox
  10. Russell Shaw

    Russell Shaw Guest

    I routinely do 8mil tracks/spacing using spray-on PRP resist.
    5mil tracks/spacing is doable with a certain cheap 720dpi
    inkjet printer.
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