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Precision peak detector

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Yuri Belenky, Oct 26, 2009.

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  1. Yuri Belenky

    Yuri Belenky Guest

    Looking for design idea of precision bipolar peak detector. The pulse
    width is about 10-15 uSec with repetition rate of 850 Hz. This signal
    will be used as an feedback for closed loop system therefore amplitude
    of detected pulses can vary from several volts around zero to several
    millivolts (where high precision and linearity are needed)when loop is

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  3. Yuri Belenky

    Yuri Belenky Guest

    Yes, pulse comes from position sensitive detector (PSD) and can be
    positive or negative. The amplitude is function of light spot
    displacement from the center of sensor.

  4. And the problem with A/D conversion and doing it digitally is...

    Vastly simpler, cheaper, and better.

    Many thanks,

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  5. Yuri Belenky

    Yuri Belenky Guest

    Thanks to all of you for discussion. I've found this old application
    note which after slight
    modifications seems promising, at least in SPICE simulator.

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