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preamp project.

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Dope mcSmoke, Jul 11, 2004.

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  1. Dope mcSmoke

    Dope mcSmoke Guest

    I'm into building a simple preamp for recording guitar straight into my
    Has anyone here ever done something like that? First a buffer to get the
    impedances right, then maybe some amplification and filtering to somehow
    simulate a guitar amp.

    Would you suggest OP's or transistors for a project like this?
    Im more familiar with OP's but many people don't like their audio

  2. Jupitersally

    Jupitersally Guest

    Seems like a simple solution to develop :)
    National semiconductor has a very wide range of audio amplifiers that
    can be easily deployed. Get one that has the lowest THD and highest
    SNR that will fit your budget.
    Another option might be to design a dual band op-amp circuit. Any JFET
    input op-amp (LF 411/2 or LM 358) should do, since the sound card has
    only a 44.1kHz band width. If you want lower THD, you can go in for a
    precision op-amp (like OP-07 or OP-27 derivatives) In this case, it
    might be also possible to tweak around with the frequency bands.
    About using transistors... my advice don't even try to build a circuit
    with them. Anyway at 44.1 kHz, op-amps will perform equally well as
    transistors or tubes.

  3. Dope mcSmoke

    Dope mcSmoke Guest


    SNR-> Sound/noise ratio ok
    THD-> ???

    If i were to build it on 741 or TL072 or other cheapo OP's would there be a
    noticeable difference in sound/noise and such?
    (well, your examples was cheap too, are they audio specific amps?)

    My idea so far is mainly:
    Input buffer - Voltage follower (possibly w gain)
    (some distorsion stage w/ bypass)
    2nd order bandpass w OP @ 300 Hz and 10 kHz (gain?)
    passive filters @ 150 Hz and 15 kHz
    output level pot

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