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practrical spectrum analyzer

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by payam, Aug 26, 2003.

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  1. payam

    payam Guest

    Hi,I am student & curiously want to build a practical ,high frequency
    spectrum analyzer , I have searched a lot for a one such : GBPPR 0 -
    1000 MHz Spectrum Analyzer,
    A Spectrum Analyzer for the Radio Amateur By Wes Hayward, W7ZOI,
    and Terry White, K7TAU & some others …, according to my location
    I have some restrictions a bout some parts that they use in their
    circuits , but I think may poor mans spectrum analyzer is a good chaos
    because always I can find tv tuner as mixer , I think about four
    times I have emailed to MURRAY BARLOWE, WA2PZO
    ( ) the owner of home page of poormans sa on (Updated 2/26/2003) but he doesn't answare !
    has anyone buy recently from it ? does any one see the book or CD
    I DON'T WANT TO BUY THE KIT , I WANT TO BUY THE book or CD & according
    to the circuits & the parts I can find here make it,so does that book
    indicate circuits in detail or only say how do the kits should be
    connected together ? if so where can I found the circuit of it ?
    Any help would be most appreciated.
    Can you email me for reply instead of answering on group ?

  2. Your keen...
  3. "I just ordered parts from Wes Hayward, no problems, strangly there
    was no contact, so I sent the check on faith and the parts arrived
    very quickly. his pc board quality is good. I ordered the optional
    narrow filter board and the sweep board and am glad I did, it would
    take a lot of time to clone them. there are some "holes" in the
    coverage and a few birdies, but for a 4-500 mhz kit, not bad. no afc
    when in non sweeping mode is something I'd like to cure, however. A
    recent QST magazine had a good section on building analysers to 4 ghz
    using plumbing pipe and siplke off the shelf VCOS, its worth looking

    if your a serious RF person, putting the IF at 800-1200 Mhz is a good
    the QST article gets you there.

    sTEVE rOBERTS, n8vkd
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