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Powerline cameras

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by wayne, Nov 8, 2003.

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  1. wayne

    wayne Guest

    Hope this is not too off topic but this group seems to know cameras!

    has anyone had any experience with powerline security cameras. They use
    your home house wiring to transmit the picture to a receiver you plug into
    the wall and then run an rca cable to your TV.
    Seems pretty simple as all you need is a light socket and you are set no
    problems running wires and no interference trying to run wireless?

    Unit I am looking at looks like a floodlight

    Any info helpful. I am looking to put a camera in my barn for when the
    horses get ready to foal distance is about 600' so wireless is pretty tough
    and running a cable out there would be a pain!

  2. Rory

    Rory Guest

    had 2 clients throw them away as they could only get some of the
    cameras to work, and not great at that. But it may be different in
    places with proper electrical installations, this country (bahamas) is
    generally not one of them, at least in the older buildings ..

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