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powering a laptop with a UPS?

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Mike Darrett, Sep 16, 2003.

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  1. Mike Darrett

    Mike Darrett Guest

    Hi guys,

    Just bought a (very) old refurbished laptop, 133 mhz, and of course
    the battery is dead. (I knew this before buying of course, I but know
    also plan to use it say at the kitchen table, when studying or doing
    taxes for instance.) I thought of about 3 different options for
    portable power (I had envisioned bringing the laptop to the bookstore
    occasionally, or maybe while going fishing)

    1. The laptop needs 18V, at 2A. I was envisioning 15 1.2V NiMH
    1800mAh batteries tied in series, but this could get really expensive,
    at circa $10/4pack of NiMH AA's. Ditto for C batteries; would last
    longer, though.

    2. Getting a deep-cycle 12VDC lead-acid battery, charge this at home,
    connect say a 100 W inverter (or whatever is the smallest available)
    to it, and plug in the laptop's power supply into the inverter.

    3. Just buy a small UPS (uninterruptible power supply), charge it at
    home, and bring the UPS and laptop with me (to the bookstore, on a
    boat, etc.)

    I'm leaning towards (3). Any suggestions? Anyone done this before?
    Anyone recommend a good, small, lightweight UPS for powering a laptop?


    Mike Darrett
  2. Only if the mobile location does nt object to the noise produced by the five
    minuite of use you will get from the ups. They are designed to allow a
    controlled shutdown for a system during a power failure, not as a portable
    power supply. You would be wiser to invest in a good battery and the proper
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