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Power to bathroom 240VAC wallplug

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Guest, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Help please.
    Queensland Australia.

    I have a bathroom which was never wired for a wall three pin 240VAC power
    Probably because 20 odd years ago RCDs were rare & most wiring regs forbade
    power outlets for sound safety reasons.

    Our house is now protected (all circuits) with an RCD & I would like to
    charge my shaver & toothbrush in the bathroom & my wife would like to use a
    hairdrier, all pretty everyday needs.

    We have a light switch & therefore power from a lighting circuit.
    Wiring a power circuit from one of several "nearest power circuit outlets in
    other adjacent rooms will involve a good deal of wall lining damage/repair &
    the negotiation of several wall corners. So this normal option is difficult.

    My question is can I wire from the lightswitch & install close by a three
    pin outlet in this situation where power demand will be limited to a
    hairdrier. Thats to ask would I breach general safety rules & specifically
    Queensland Wiring Rules details with which I am not familiar & can find no
    ready reference other than a $65 download.

  2. SQLit

    SQLit Guest

    Your concept is not a good one. Bathroom outlets in the USA can not be on
    the same circuit as the lighting. I am not familiar with the Aussie code.
    Best check locally and find out what you need to do based on the current
    electrical code. My suggestion would be bring a new circuit from the
    service. That way the load will not be a problem for the existing circuits.
    What ever the cost and aggravation when you go to sell the place the new
    owner will appreciate the fact that there is a proper circuit.
    Does the Aussie code require GFCI for bathrooms? I have not seen very many 2
    pole gfci's here in AZ.
  3. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

    You definetly need to use a GFCI receptacle there., I would guess your
    best course of action other than run a whole new line *which maybe good,
    would be to tap from the lighting fixture box where you will have both
    leads for your receptacle., I've wired GFCI receptacles into 2x4 metal
    boxes in bathrooms, where there was just a bare wall here in the US....
    I don't know about your Aus systems here it's 120vac but it should be
    do-able., just make sure the circuit can withstand the Hairdryers load

    and ~>

    Use a GFCI and a 3 conductor cable, attach the 3rd wire to your
    equipment/boxes for your ground fault detection.
  4. Lance Ryan

    Lance Ryan Guest

  5. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

    I couldn't open nor read the PDF file.

    Just what did the guy do to be fined such a large summons ? He must have
    been messing up pretty badly ... installing code violations instead of
    good workmanship.
  6. John Gilmer

    John Gilmer Guest

    No big deal.

    Isn't $6000 (Aus) worth about $.05 in $US? (And $.10 in Euros?)
  7. Lance Ryan

    Lance Ryan Guest

    Hi Roy,
    He had 60 code violations and had been breached for doing
    unlicensed electrical work previously.
    In Australia, electrical and plumbing trades are restricted to licensed
    contractors, basically you can sit extra testing 1 year after you finish
    your 4 year trade, this enables you to conduct an electrical business and do
    electrical work.
    A lot of burocracy, but that's what we have to put up with.
  8. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

    Thanks Lance;
    In cases like that the AHJ (Authority Having
    Jurisdiction) would do the community a favor by taking guys like that
    out of business.Here in the US they discourage wire hacks from
    practicing too but they are very flexible & helpful with Knowledgable
    and Qualified Persons with a repoir of good work.

    Sadly I've seen so many Jobs performed by Licensed Electrical Companies
    rejected and so poorly done, I've remained a Freelancing AC/DC
    Technician abating violations and bettered peoples electrical systems
    where ever I can.A National labor Council with vested authority granted
    me a Master Journeyman Card which I hold Honorably.

    I keep myself & my Equipment up-to-date by going to Trade Conventions,
    Sampling Latest Materials & Service Innovations, Books, Courses and
    Inventions from Electrical, Electronic & The Security Industry.

    Occasionally I treat with our Utility Co. ConEd and when need be,
    Building & Electrical Inspectors.

    I'm no Expert on Foreign Electrical Systems, but, Experience Dictates;
    Where Coded work is unavailable or out of reach, good & safe workmanship
    may stand the test of time & Human trials.
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