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Power take off on blender?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by mm, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. mm

    mm Guest

    Power take off on blender?

    Not really electronics or home repair, but you guys seem the most
    likely to know.

    I have part of a Black and Decker Handy Blender, but not the model
    that I found with a picture on the web. Suffice to say, it's a

    And there is a mini-jack on the base, and it is in parallel with the
    motor, except there is a small diode in series with the jack. So I
    guess the jacke would have had about 60 volts DC. What was the
    purpose of that jack?

    (There is also some part I don't recognize in parallel with the
    diode/jack. It looks like a small diode, but tan and partly made of
    glass, and the white band is on the same end as the actual diode, and
    my 9-volt digital multimeter shows the resistance as "infinite" even
    on the 20 meg scale, in both directions.)

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  2. Tim Fischer

    Tim Fischer Guest

    It takes 4 diodes (bridge rectifier) to create DC.

    My guess is they sell/sold some attachment of some sort which required

  3. Tim Fischer spake thus:
    Not true; one will produce DC, though not as effectively as either 2 (in
    a voltage doubler) or 4 in a bridge rectifier.

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  4. Is this blender battery powered?
  5. mm

    mm Guest

    No. It plugged into the wall.

    (Not just any place on the wall. There had to be an electric outlet.)


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  6. RicodJour

    RicodJour Guest

    The power takeoff is standard on KitchenAid mixers. There are a whole
    host of attachments. I'd imagine the blender takeoff is similar, but
    the electrical jack is a bit odd. No idea what would attach to a
    blender and require mechanical power and electric.

  7. z

    z Guest

    Mystery item probably a capacitor. Is it in parallel with the jack or
    in parallel with the diode? I can't imagine what this setup is good
    for. If I needed half wave rectified wall plug power, I wouldn't buy a
    blender to get it.
  8. mm

    mm Guest

    I'm sorry. I wasn't clear. I don't have the whole device, only the
    base, but I didnt' identify any mechanical connection. Just the

    Z, the diode and jack are in series with each other, and the small
    unidentifed part is in parallel with the two of them together. It's
    awful small to be a capacitor. It's the same size as those tiny
    diodes, a mm. in diameter and 1.5 mm in length. And it has that
    little bit that is clear plastic or glass.

    I'll look at the Kitchen Aid appliances if they sell them in stores,
    and maybe even read the insstruction manual.


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  9. Tim Fischer

    Tim Fischer Guest

    Now I'm really confused. A blender base with no mechanical connection?
    Then what is it, basically a power supply?

  10. Maybe it's really a charger?
  11. mm

    mm Guest

    --->> No idea what would attach to a
    --->>blender and require mechanical power and electric.

    It had a mechanical connection to the thing above it, that it blended.
    Just none to whatever plugged into the 60 volt jack. Didn't you refer
    to a possible something that had both? If not, that's what I thought
    you meant.

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  12. Tim Fischer

    Tim Fischer Guest

    That wasn't me, but someone did. I think the point was that perhaps
    something attached to both the mechanical connection you describe, AND the
    power connection. But none of us are clear on what would need both of these

  13. Lee

    Lee Guest

    Back in the late 60's, a friend of mine had a blender that was a
    blender, food processer, juice extractor, ice crusher, and God knows
    what else. It had a whole box of attachments and heads for it. It had
    enough power to dig post holes if you turned it over. I do remember
    that it was made in Switzerland. It had a heating unit, (a round plate)
    that dropped into the knurled collar of the blender and then the plate
    with the beaters/knives sat on, then the glass jar sat on that. This
    plate unit had a wire that plugged into a socket on the base.
    It was used to mix and cook sauces. It even had a push button that when
    depressed, would cycle the mixing while the heat was on.
    I almost died when I found out that she paid over $500. for it; a lot
    of money at the time.
    We were living in the Bahamas at the time, and she bought it on a trip
    to Miami at, if memory serves me correct, the Dade County Fair.

    This was a high end product, and I believe the OP said this was a Black
    & Decker.
  14. mm

    mm Guest

    Oops, sorry. It wasn't you who asked the question. (But it was you
    who snipped Rocotdjour's statement that I replied to. With his
    statement in front, my statement was much more clear.)
  15. They sold those here for $20 at one time (not the same model?)

    I recall a combination washer and dryer - what a SOB it was - and various
    other combination devices. Every one was a piece of crap.
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