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Power supply

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Dennis, Nov 9, 2003.

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  1. Dennis

    Dennis Guest


    I have a Buchler PS, 1000/250VDC @ 25/250mA.

    There is a meter for volts and amps.
    When I turn the voltage knob I get a readout
    on both ranges, however there is
    no output. When I switch to the current
    meter, I get a maximum output on the voltage
    meter, and the dial doen not function.

    Would this be a bad regulator circuit?

    It is an older supply, so there are no
    3-terminal regulators on board. Any
    help would be appreciated.


  2. Do you mean that you get a reading on the current meter when there is no
    load on the output? If so, that suggests that there is an internal
    short-circuit that is drawing the current you see on the current meter.

    If you mean that there are two voltage ranges, and you get indications
    on both, then that is normal operation.
    I suspect that you have a switch labelled 'VOLTAGE' and 'CURRENT', which
    actually changes the mode of operation of the supply from constant-
    voltage to constant current.
    That is correct operation for a constant-current power supply. The
    voltage automatically goes to maximum so that the supply can drive the
    set current into as high a load resistance as possible.
    Not necessarily: the fault, if there is one, could well be between the
    regulator output and the output terminals.There may be nothing wrong with the supply except a failed output fuse.
  3. Dennis

    Dennis Guest

    thanks for the help. When I flip the "volts/current regulation" switch
    to current the voltmeter pegs at max, and no response from the current
    meter. At any rate there is no output at the output terminals.

  4. What happens if you connect a resistor across the output terminals? I
    suggest a 60 W lamp in a cardboard box, in case the power supply
    severely overloads it and it explodes. The lamp may or may not light up
    but you should get a reading on the current meter.

    Have you found any failed fuse yet?
  5. Dennis

    Dennis Guest

    Yep, it was only a blown, front panel fuse.
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