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power supplies

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by H. Dixon, Jul 28, 2008.

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  1. H. Dixon

    H. Dixon Guest

    I've got a couple of AC/DC power adapters that went to various things
    that are no longer around. They have various output voltages and
    currents. Would these be useful as a power supply into my breadboard?
    One of these is 12VDC but 1.2Amps. The others are all in the mA range.
    1.2A seems high for experimenting...

    I read the voltage on the "12vdc" one and it was reading 15.5 vdc. Is
    that typical - for the actual to be higher than what is listed? Also I
    noticed that the measured voltage moved around a bit over time by a
    few tenths of a volt. Does that mean it's shaky/going bad?

    Sorry - lots o' questions but I'm without PS at the moment...the one I
    was building from scratch is on hold as I popped the capacitors. Now I
    know which axial end is which.

    H. Dixon
  2. H. Dixon

    H. Dixon Guest

    Something like this? -->
  3. Ed

    Ed Guest

  4. H. Dixon

    H. Dixon Guest

    Guys - thanks so much for the inputs. I'm glad I can go somewhere and
    actually ASK something without
    getting some super flamemaster saying RTFM. I eally try not to ask
    until I've done some googling on my own for a few hours.
    I've got the components and will build the above.

    OT - I'm reading/perusing this newsgroup via web/linux. Any preferred
    news reader that I can install and import some filters
    others supply that would be beneficial to me? I'm not a fan of chinese
    athletic shoes.....

    H. Dixon
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