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Power gone/Sweep Module

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Repair' started by cnd1000, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. cnd1000


    Aug 21, 2009
    I have a Hitache 50UX5B projection tv - about 8 years old. There is no power
    going to the set. I was watching it and it just cut off abruptly.

    I called a tv repair local guy who said he was in this business for 40 years and
    he charged me 85.00 was here for 5 minutes, took nothing apart, and said
    it was the Power Module/Sweep Module - I asked him for a part number or
    how much it would cost to repair and he said, 'forget it' - the parts are cheap
    but it has to be taken out, sent away, and then replaced in the set - he said
    even though the parts are cheap, it wouldnt be worth it and to 'throw it away'.
    He was rather nasty.

    I then called Hitachi and asked them for a Hitachi dealer who fixes tvs near
    me and he gave me a name and number. Again, I called and he said that
    he cannot go by someones' word of what is wrong and I would need to
    pay him 85.00 to come and look at it. He also said he was not willing to give
    me any other information without seeing it.

    Now, I have never had any problems or forewarning that this would happen
    My tv has been working well - great picture and everything. I just don't think
    it is what the first guy said it was and even if it is, there should be no reason
    why they cannot test the parts within the module, figure out which parts
    need to be replace at 99cents each and even if it needs a transformer - that
    part for my tv is 28.00 off the internet.

    1)Can someone, who knows what he is doing, has parts in stock, presuming
    it is the Sweep Module, open the back and replace the parts without taking it
    out and sending it somewhere to be fixed?

    2)this second outfit was not willing to answer this question for me for some reason.

    If the parts are so cheap, even if they charge me an hours labor, it should be worth
    it for me to get it fixed and have it last a little longer, right?

    The first guy said it would cost 800.00 and he recommended I buy a new set.

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