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power from ignition coil

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by cul8r, Sep 17, 2009.

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  1. cul8r


    Sep 16, 2009
    I've been using this configuration for a long time and it works , it's not all that difficult to assemble and the parts are from easy to get your hands on stuff , try it and your bound to like it. First of all there are way to many circuit schematics floating around the web that claim to be coil drivers , and most if not all are using a 555 timer or a 3055 transister .
    To put it as plane as I can GARBAGE!!the 555 is such a whimp and a fragile whimp of a chip just high frequency whips them out ince thats what your trying to make it seems stupid to put one in your circuit. econdly the 3055 sucks because it can't handle anything near the volts or amps it really takes to make a ignition coil talk. Let me show you a nice way to make a ignition coil scream and the circuit is bullet proof. I took a stepper motor out of a old printer found the wires that correspond with the internal magnet if your not sure witch they are attach a led to two wires at a time turning the motor with your fingers and the led will blink, because the step motor when spun produces a square wave. Now I took anothermotor one that I got out of a rc car and attached the two with a piece of rubber hose, sort of a universal joint. I took some heavy wire and ran it along the sides of the two motors helping them stay in line and used tye wraps to secure them it real easy . now for the driver I was using a BU4508DF npn transistor at first I stole it from inside a old computer moniter It worked good but as of late I'm leaning more towards a FET type N channel transistor a ggod one to get or easy to cross refference is a 2SK2847 the tree legs are G-D-S- I hooked the negetive to the S leg and one of the stepper motor wire also the D leg goes to the coil negative now hook the other wire from the step motor to the G leg and the positive wire of your voltage supply directly to the positive of the coil.. Thats it your done basicly now all there is to do is get a voltage supply for the motor driving the step motor . Since it was a rc car it ran on 7.2 volts , But I'm from the old school where if some is good more is better so I ran it on A 24 volt transformer with a full wave retifier and a real big voltage pot if you cant find one use a light dimmer on the 120 line feeding the transformer and it will accomplish the same.. This is so you can select a frequency that is the cats ass for the coil to perform. Now for a voltage supply I had a old ballast from a crap sodium lamp that used to be at the top of the building where I worked if you can't find a ballast get a heater from a hot water tank or a real big light bulb and put it in line to restrict your amperage , a good volt meter is a must also one that reads amps I ran 120 volts through the ballast that resricted it to 3 amps and a full wave recifier in the 120 line to make it DC and one real big DC capacitor wired in and thats the power supply Simple and cheap and lots of power. The only other thing that I let you in on is to allways start your stepper motor wizzing before you apply the power to the coil and put you r transistor on a heat sink if you want to go where no man has gone before useing the very same parts I just discribed double up on your transistors and run twice the amps. By the way that FET is good for about 900 volts so if you want to get creative I stayed with 120 because I didn't melt any coils THis circuit blows all the schematics and bull crap right out of the water I makes enough power to melt 12 guage wire whendrawing a arc on them . You will love it and it's not fragle like a 555 and a 3055. Besides it delivers 10 times the power those others do. I've heard of people using a chevy ignition module and you can run them with the same step motor design I use but they can only handle 12 volts. I made a jacobs ladder from one of these and with 1\8 wire when you run it for a good 4 or 5 min. the wires are red hot. show me a 3 055 design that does that , Enjoy any questions feel free I can even send you some pics or a schematic if you need. Just post I'll get it .
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