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Power-efficient design

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Tim Auton, Sep 4, 2004.

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  1. Tim Auton

    Tim Auton Guest

    I'm planning a to build a solar-powered robot. Efficient solar cells,
    motors and electronics will of course be required. Efficiency has
    never been much of a concern in my previous hobby projects.

    Can anyone suggest any good books / papers / websites / whatever on
    power-efficient electronic and mechanical design? It's not just
    low-power, as I'll have around 0.5 sq ft. of solar panels, so at least
    a couple of watts to play with (during full sunlight), but I want to
    make the most of that power.

  2. andy

    andy Guest

    Horowitz and Hill - 'The Art of Electronics' has a chapter on low power
    design. More meant for ultra low power battery powered devices though.

    Bear in mind that the rated output of solar panels is against a standard
    value for light input (1 kW/m^2) - actual light level might be a lot less
    than that. I think you only get close to that level at noon on the equator
    on a clear day.
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