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Power a cell phone with solar power.

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by dlw, May 1, 2015.

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  1. dlw


    May 1, 2015
    Hi. Do not know exactly how to ask the right questions so I'll just try and explain what I need to do.
    I need to keep an eye on a camp site when I'm gone.
    I have a cell phone that can be used as a motion detector. It works well. What I need is a way to connect an external battery so the phone will last a long time... possibly days. Also needed is a way to charge the external battery.
    My thought is to use a cell phone and a solar powered battery bank.
    The cell phone battery is 1700mAh. What size battery bank do I need?
    4000mAh, 8000mAh... more? Or, is the solar panel charging the battery bank more important? Battery banks are inexpensive on ebay.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. ramussons


    Jun 10, 2014
    A rule of the thumb would be: if the phone sustains on its 1700 mAH battery for, say, 8 hours, 4000 mAH will last for 16 hours, 8000 mAH for 30 hours. So the size of the battery will depend upon how long you want the phone to "run" all by itself.

    The battery also needs to be charged, and the solar panel must be able to charge the battery to the full AFAP. The local environment - how many hours sunlight, intensity, etc. will be a factor.

    I don't think there are specific rules as such, only guidelines.
  3. turbogt16v


    Mar 27, 2015
    The more Mah on bank or mobile battery means you got more stored power,nothing more,ebay baks are almoust 95 percent fake so are 80 percent of batteries .
    your phone and battery bank charges at about 1000mah to 500mah at 5v,maning you have to have solar panel that can prouce the little or more power .

    Buy this charger it has integrated protection that fake batteries dont have

    and buy a lot of semi-cheep batteries there real amp is from 1000mah to 500mah
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