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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Aug 25, 2005.

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    Since then, the former teen idol strangled in his own saliva, my podmate imp
    loded from stress and left the agency to become a Buddhist monk in Big Bear,
    Shelly Beckwith became Michelle Beck and got lucky with two hits in a row,
    and I got an office. It's a strange world.
    As we entered his trailer, I was greeted by a life-size cutout of Elliot in
    his "beach volleyball" costume and shades, grinning toothily and holding a b
    ottle of cologne. I had a brief flashback to my earlier conversation with Jo
    shua. "Who's the handsome guy?" I said.
    "Probably not for a while," Gwedif said. "When we send someone again, it wil
    l be Joshua. But even he will stay here for a few months, to benefit us with
    your knowledge -- now his -- as to how to approach humanity. We probably wo
    n't see each other until the day our race makes its debut. But I look forwar
    d to that day, Carl. I will be happy when it arrives. We'll finally take tha
    t stroll through the tivis gallery."
    "Man, your alien dog was right," Van Doren said. "This is the weirdest night
    of my life."
  2. Al Qaeda's posting encrypted messages again.... MOOOOOOOM !!!!
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