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Post Office telephones TRT340 Digital Timer

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Peter A Forbes, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. This is one for the UK members to have a look at please.

    We have an oldish digital timer TRT340 which we have been using for one
    particular job since the 1980's, when we bought two of them from a surplus

    One went awol after failing, the other is still running OK. We have never really
    found out who made it or any information such as circuit diagrams etc.

    We think it was for the early digital telephone exchange testing, but it was
    already obsolete in 1985 so 1970's is probably closer.

    We make a particular bit of kit which uses an old Plessey ZN1034E timer, and
    this timer is what we use to set the timer IC up with. We do have a replacement
    PCB with 4060 timers on, but the customer prefers that we continue to use the
    ZN1034E as long as we can get stocks, mainly to keep it compatible with previous

    If anyone has any info or leads we would be most grateful, beer tokens might
    even be exchanged :))

    I'm off overseas from Wednesday, but should have email if not usenet. The
    reply-to address IS valid.

    Many thanks,

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