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Possibly Off Topic Question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by PSchlaack, May 23, 2007.

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  1. PSchlaack

    PSchlaack Guest

    Hi all.

    This is possibly off topic, but I'm hoping you will find it interesting to
    discuss. I would like to hear about what sorts of creative project
    enclosures other people have made. If you are aware of a better place for
    me to post regarding this subject, please let me know.

    I've been experimenting with Microchips's processors for a couple of years
    now. I have a clock/temperature project that's been running on a
    breadboard for almost a year and I'd like to enclose it in something
    suitable to give away as a gift.

    So far I've made a case out of Legos and currently I'm experimenting with
    plexiglas. If you want to see them, I've uploded some pictures of them
    here:[email protected]/

    Of the people I've shown it to, the Lego case seems to be a hit only with
    kids. I think for it to be useful I need to either redesign it so it is
    wedge shaped or make some sort of inclined stand for it. Right now I keep
    it propped on the back of my desk. What I like about it is that I can
    reproduce it easily and the parts are varied enough so I could fit them
    around my board, LCD, and keypad.

    I'd appreciate hearing about any similar or interesting enclosures others
    have made as well as any suggestions.

  2. Very nice work. Since I always want to know how things
    work, I like transparent cases. Have you seen the small
    oscilloscope clocks?

    I picked up an old long persistence (writes yellow and fades
    blue) tube to build an annoying to watch version of one of
    these, someday.

    My only attempt to make a nice case for an electronic
    project was also a clock. I lived in Bermuda at the time,
    and had an old cedar stump in the back yard. So I cut a
    piece of it, sawed it into small boards and made the case
    out of the very dark (and pungent) heart wood. The alarm
    kill switch was a pair of micro switches under a bar of
    cedar with round ends that stuck up slightly along the top
    front edge. The display was 5 vacuum fluorescent tubes
    behind a filter window. That was 30 years ago, But I think
    I still have it in a box, somewhere.
  3. Rich Grise

    Rich Grise Guest

    If you're not buying project boxes at Fry's or Radio shack or Bud, then
    I guess the answer is "whatever works".

  4. I've seen USB sticks inserted into dolls; you pull the head off to get to
    the connector. If you don't have to worry about mechanical hazards, a
    Mason jar is airtight but still easy to open, and offers a metal panel to
    mount controls in. An old trick is to make a case of double-sided PC board
    stock and solder it together.
  5. PSchlaack

    PSchlaack Guest

    The oscilloscope clocks are impressive. The author mentions that he had
    the case custom made.

    So far most of the projects/experiments I've done have never made it off of
    a breadboard. When they have, they've ended up in a project case,
    tupperware, or just screwed to a block of wood. Because this is a clock,
    I wanted it to be attractive as well as functional.

    Thanks for your replies.
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