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Possible counterfeit parts with the GE logo

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by nermal, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. nermal

    nermal Guest

    Last week we had some JAN2N1774A SCRs fail in a system. Failure was due
    to poor/defective workmanship. The date/code was 9240 (40th week of
    1992). I read somewhere that GE quit manufacturing semiconductors
    sometime around 1987.

    Externally these do not match the 1981 -1983 date code parts at all.
    The die is also different. Today I received a "9242 JANTX2N1774A" that
    had the same external and internal construction. I suspected it was
    also counterfeit until I tried to remove a stain from the case with
    Isopropyl alcohol. The device markings were removed as well as the
    yellow stain! (Note: JAN parts had to pass a marking permanency test
    that was much more severe than wiping with a Q-tip saturated with
    Isopropyl Alcohol.

    Does any one out there know when GE shut down their semiconductor
    plants? I tried looking up the history of GE on the net (also tried
    GIDEP searches on GE semiconductors with no luck).

  2. nermal

    nermal Guest

    GE, RCA, Intersil, Fairchild Semiconductor History
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