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Portable MP3 question

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by [email protected], Nov 16, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Will playing an mp3 player through my input jack in the front of my car
    cd player have the same sound quality as a regular cd? Is the signal
    noise ratio pretty much the same? Just curious.
    What about playing it through an fm transmitter to my car stereo?
  2. tempus fugit

    tempus fugit Guest

    An mp3 is a compressed format, which means that some (or a lot) of the data
    needed to reproduce the sound is not present. That being said, if you encode
    your mp3s at a high enough bit rate (and thus higher quality) you may not be
    able to tell a whole lot of difference, particularly considering that car
    audio is generally not state of the art, esp. compared to the quiet
    listening room you may be in at home.

    I play mp3s through my home stereo sometimes, and the quality is certainly
    acceptable. However, the sound is also degraded somewhat by the fact that
    I'm (and you will be) running the headphone out to the line in of my stereo
    (impedance mismatch?).

    The signal to noise doesn't seem to suffer, from my experience.
  3. Dmitri

    Dmitri Guest

    After you throw in the road and engine noise, none of the impedance
    mismatches or MP3 compression artefact is going to matter. From my own
    experience listening to an MP3 player exactly like OP does, I can tell
    that there is no audible difference whatsoever between the CD and the MP3.
    Rock and audio books are absolutely fine; classic music will suffer from
    the road noise.
    Dmitri Abaimov, RCDD
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