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Portable Generator of visual stimuli

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by vasileiosh, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. vasileiosh

    vasileiosh Guest

    Hi all,
    I want to built or purchase a device with the follwing specification:

    Imagine a box 10x10x10cm,
    with two medium sizes lamps on it one left one right, preferably
    something that can be commercially available so it can be easily replaced.

    I want these two lamps to light randomly for example Left/L/R/L/R/R
    I want to be able to control maximum and minimum interval between the
    light signal and the total number
    of signals whithin a standard period of time, lets say two minutes.

    I would like that to be powered by a 9V battery, again that standard
    ones available.

    How easy it is to make somthing like that and how much it will cost??
    Any pointers to something similae

    This device is going to be used in sport reflexes/reaction training.


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  2. Tom Biasi

    Tom Biasi Guest

    You are not asking for something that can not be constructed within
    reasonable price constraints.
    If you mean by "9V battery", the standard MN1604 type then I would suggest
    using LEDs.
    Maybe someone here will design it for you for free but I don't have the
    Best Regards,
  3. mike

    mike Guest

    Give some thought to exactly what you mean when you say "random" then
    apply timing constraints to it.
    I'd put a pair of LEDs on a glasses frame and power them from the serial
    or parallel port of your laptop. Program should be trivial.
    Once you figure out what works and finalize your design, you can build
    it around a single-chip processor with almost no parts. The hard part
    is gonna be the user interface to change the parameters. Although you
    could hook it momentarily to a computer to set it up.

    Trying to do it without some programmable part is gonna be tough.
    Of course, if you change or relax your requirements, that chould change.

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  4. Some additional information you would need to specify before anyone
    could design this:

    Do you really mean 'random' in the strictest sense of the word? I
    suspect not, and that a pseudo-random result of sufficiently long
    period would be OK. (Circuit complexity is greater for a genuinely
    random output.)

    Needs more precise specification. For example:
    "Min interval between any two signals = 1 s; Max = 10 s."

    Needs more precise specification, and recognition that this is not
    independent of the Interval setting. For example:
    "Min number of signals in 2 mins = 10; max = 30."
    That would be inconsistent with the Interval definition above, unless
    you were clear which setting was dominant.

    You haven't specified the (presumably fixed) length of the light
    signal. Obviously, this too is not an independent control, although if
    it's a mere 'flash' then that is ignorable in practice.

    It sounds as if it will have commercial value. Personally, if I was
    delivering a finished design or prototype, I'd expect to be paid <g>.
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