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Portable appliance testers

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by TR, May 15, 2006.

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  1. TR

    TR Guest

    Our workplace needs to get one to be AS/NZ3760 compliant. AS/NZ3760 being
    legislation in Australia/New Zealand for testing of extension leads and any
    appliance that plugs into a wall socket. I don't know what the equivalent is
    for UK or US. But I imagine there must be something similar. Would
    recommendations for models and prices for testers if anyone uses them in
    their workplace.
    Many thanks.
  2. John McLean

    John McLean Guest

    These links are common units in the UK, you probably have local agents.
  3. John G

    John G Guest

    Google is your friend..

    A search for "AS/NZ3760" gets many answers.

    If you use an AUS supplier you might get the proper stuff if you are
    going to use it in AUS.

    The UK stuff will obviously have UK plugs and sockets even if the rules
    are the same.
  4. TR

    TR Guest

    Thanks John and John for the replies.
    Maybe I should have made myself more clear in my original post. Sorry. There
    are many PAT's available to choose from.. I was looking for recommendations
    from people who had preferences for particular brands in terms of quality
    and costs.
    Simply, if I choose one PAT. How do I know it is a good product compared to
  5. John McLean

    John McLean Guest

    I have the Robin SmartPat 5000, (Robin is also Fluke in the UK), there is
    probably a newer model; but this one does the job for me at this time, until
    the code of practice or regulations changes.
    PAT testing can be a humdrum experience and the more automation that can be
    done, the better. The software allows storage of the test results and
    downloading to a pc. I also have the optional plug-in barcode reader, this
    is useful where pre-printed labels are used for ID and location purposes,
    there is free basic software to allow these labels on the internet. I must
    admit this unit doesn't justify the storage space, there are however,
    occasions where I use it for fault finding on tripping problems on
    electrical installations. There are no mandatory qualifications to operate
    as a PAT tester in the UK; other than competency under the health and safety
    regulations, although there are various organisations offering training.

    To comply with the health and safety regulations in the UK, it is necessary
    for employers/businesses (and landlords who rent property which includes
    appliances), to carry out such routine tests.
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