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Popular CD spindle motor part #'s

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Sidney, Jul 24, 2003.

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  1. Sidney

    Sidney Guest

    As you all know we are having more and more difficulty sourcing
    consumer electronic repair/replacement parts specially in Canada,my
    local authorized parts distributor stopped selling RCA & SK Thomson
    parts several years ago and a couple of weeks ago Hitachi and now they
    might stop selling Panasonic parts.
    I am looking for as many different part #'s for those popular 6 volt
    CD spindle motors used in household CD players,mini stereos (book
    shelf) and portable units (boom boxes),I need the part #'s for the cd
    spindle motor with a shaft length of 0.90"-0.95" (22.9 mm-24.0 mm)they
    are the ones with the longest shaft lengths.
    I have the following part #'s for those Mabuchi motors:

    PRB # CD23
    Global Electronics # CDM-4
    Global Electronics # CDM13
    Cathray Electronics # CDM-4
    Cathray Electronics # CDM-13
    JVC # QAR0130-001
    Panasonic # SJGDRF310T-4 (no longer available)

    Note:I cannot get the above part #'s locally in my area and I don't
    have enough parts required to place an order out of province as
    business is getting slower and slower.
    Thanks in advance for those part #'s.
  2. Companies like MCM Electronics cary CD spindle motors.

    U.S. number 800-543-4330

    Mark Z.
  3. Whome

    Whome Guest

    I can supply you wit your hard to find numbers. I salvage those CD
    roms that are not sold or display models. Motors are like new.
    I sell single item at reasonable costs.

    therepairman at
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