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Poor tracking

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Chessucat, Jan 3, 2004.

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  1. Chessucat

    Chessucat Guest

    I am having problems with my RCA VR502 VCR is not "tracking" right.
    It normally does it automatically when I sticked the tape in to play
    it. I cannot even use the manual tracking to get the video straightened
    out! Funny thing is, when I fast-forward or reverse the video, then
    the picture straighten out correctly. I don't know what the problem,
    dirty heads, no lubricant, or sensors that has gone bad?? It's a ten
    years old and it can still displays the yeardate correctly, at least
    until the year 2011 !:-| It's been a good vcr and I am not through with
    it yet! Any suggestions? Thank you for your help!

    <chesucat twitched>
  2. I am having problems with my RCA VR502 VCR is not "tracking" right.
    Clarify, please.

    When you say "straighten out," you mean when any "snow" in the picture is gone?

    When you fast-forward or reverse, do you mean you have a picture only when you
    go into those visual search modes or does it come back and then go away when
    you get the deck into playback mode again?

    The only two possibilities I can think of is that your VCR either requires a
    complete cleaning of the tape path (NO cleaning tapes) or that the useful life
    of the video heads have come to an end. - Reinhart
  3. Chessucat

    Chessucat Guest

    Certainly! What I mean, is that when I stick a tape into the VCR to
    play, I can not get the video to "track". Usually the VCR does some
    kind of automatic tracking, according to the owner manual. But there
    is also a manual tracking button that I can use to improve a
    particularly stubborn video tape. I thought maybe I could clean the
    heads with a long cotton swab and some alcohol. But the machine is 10
    years old, so the second possibilities might be likely?!

    Thank you for your assistance!

  4. Andre

    Andre Guest

    With a machine that old, replacement heads may actually be the
    cheapest solution- my JVCs all use the same ones and the last time I
    replaced a head, it cost all of £5.60 UKP.

    Try Telepart, or Grandata for replacement heads, unless you are rich
    you want the "replacement" head not the OEM one. While you are there,
    get the relevant service kit and replace all the consumables (pinch
    roller, idler, belts, etc).

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