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Pool wiring

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Kim Borchers, Aug 21, 2006.

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  1. Kim Borchers

    Kim Borchers Guest

    What is the difference between having copper wiring or pigtailed for a
    outdoor pool. And how would you tell if it is either one
  2. Yikes. That's the most frightening question I've seen in many a long day.
  3. Guest

    lol. Remoinds me of that famous extension lead... no, cant find it. Its
    on Joe Tedesco's site iirc, and is a home made extension lead with
    sockets mounted in a shampoo bottle, and used with hte sockets FLOATING
    in the user's pool.

  4. If what you are asking = Why can't I use a pigtailed connection to run wire
    out to my pool pump ? , Then I would say = It is best to have a continuous
    wire due to the current demands of the pump, But you can run wire that has
    pigtailed connections as long as the connections are in an outdoor approved
    junction box and is accessible. I would also have the pigtails soldered as
    well as mechanically twisted together.
    That would go the same with any motor wiring also.
  5. When you are dealing with AC, 'outside' AND a pool, it is best to get an
    experienced electrician. FWIW, I have seen too many soldered wires creep
    under pressure and would always try to use pressure connectors instead. I
    would also be SUPER careful with grounding and be sure to use an approved
    and well tested GFI.

    "One flash and you're ash"!
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