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Polk Audio Soundbar " HACK - JOB" -- Connection to receiver HEEELP !!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Audio' started by will2, Dec 7, 2012.

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  1. will2


    Dec 7, 2012
    I have attached a photo of a diagram showing the proprietary connector of my SurroundBar 360 DVD Theater system. The unit is dead and I plan on connecting the soundbar to an a/v receiver (creatively). I have mapped out the wires, and the colors correspond as shown in the hand drawn diagram attached. The diagram is looking at the proprietary connector cable end (females).There is a "guide keyway" built into the plug at top shown in the diagram which only allows the plug to go in the unit "one way". The Positive and Negative indications on the diagram are just for my own orientation for speaker connection purposes. After destroying one end of the proprietary cable end to trace the wires to the females in the plug, I cut off the proprietary connector....stripped the wire ends....and successfully connected the wires to an old boom box>> I.E.; Yellow & Black, Orange & Grn, red & BL and White & Brn and verified speaker operation "left to right". I would like to know which set of plug-ins, as you see this diagram, are the (+) positive bank of wires and (-) negative bank. Since this is a proprietary connector with a "guide" for one way connection, reversing polarity is probably going to wreck the speakers.....I don't know. I need a MASTER HACKER on this one. Thanks for any input.

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