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pn junction basics

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by colin, Jun 7, 2004.

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  1. colin

    colin Guest

    Im looking at the phsysics of pn junctions in particular and im having a
    bit of trouble understanding the diferenmce between curent generated by
    photoelectric efect and that generated by thermal efect...

    well i asume there is a diference anyway ?

    i understand a photon gives energy to an electron and this alows it to
    become free and creates 2 charge carriers, but is this diferent to when
    thermal agitation cuases an electron to become free? or have i mised

    [email protected]&
  2. nan

    nan Guest

    I'll give it a shot....

    Think about the band gap energy, the Fermi energy.
    Every material has a thermal energy (or it would be at absolute zero), and
    this plays a part in the formation of the pn junction as equilibrium between
    major and minor carriers is reached.
    As far as photelectric effects playing a part in the formation of a pn
    junction, I am not sure how that plays out.

    Try posting this question to sci.eng.semiconductors.
    It is a pretty technical question.
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