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Pls Help - cannot get copy of DVD to work on DVD player

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Dec 11, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    Pls Help - cannot get copy of DVD to work on DVD player

    I have an Intel HT PC with Windows XP. It has a CD/DVD Reader and
    writer. It is fairly new.

    I was trying to make a copy a DVD.

    After copying the DVD will not work on a DVD player.
    It says "cannot play"

    However the copied DVD will work on the same PC as well as on another
    Why is that ?

    I have used both an erasable DVD as well as a Non erasable DVD. Both do
    not work on DVD players.

    Can anyone pls help ?

    I am not Technical so pls explain in more detail for folks like me.
  2. t.hoehler

    t.hoehler Guest

    too. Shop at target, the dvd prices are unbelievable. Cheep cheeep cheep.
    and not made in china either. So there Walmart!
  3. Tom

    Tom Guest

    As stated so eloquently:
    Most of the time it is the media you use. Many of the DVD players cannot
    read the data from cheaper DVD-R's.

    First, try playing the disc in several of your friends DVD players. If it
    still won't play, try burning on a better quality DVD-R.

    You can find lots of information on the internet about burning DVD's.
    Just Google for "burning" "DVD" "copying", and read, read, read!

    Hope this helps,
  4. WEBPA

    WEBPA Guest

    You cannot copy a DVD like it is a data disk. Assuming it is not copy
    protected (virtually all DVD "movies" are), then you MUST use the DVD movie
    copying function of a DVD burning program. I use Nero, and there are several
    options from which to select when burning files to a DVD burner. One of them
    is "DVD Movie." Your CD/DVD burner software should have a similar option.
    Your must use it, because a stand-alone DVD player expects all the relevant
    files to be in a specific PHYSICAL location on the disk. And only the "DVD
    Movie" option will place the files where they must be. (A computer does not
    care about the physical location.)

  5. Guest

    Sounds like a dvd-r, dvd+r situation. That's what I encountered when
    first burning dvds. Record it on the computer in -r, home dvd player
    can only play +r.
  6. Guest

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