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Please respond with reasonable answers -- how I would like to change the *digital* cell phone indust

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Radium, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. Radium

    Radium Guest

    Please respond with reasonable answers. This is the second time I've
    had to change the thread.

    Who said anything about 44Kbit/sec?

    The bit-rate of my WMA CBR is 20Kbit/sec or less.
    Yes it is possible and it is compression. The uncompressed audio is a
    monaural linear PCM at 44.1-KHz-sample-rate with a 16-bit-resolution
    -- this audio has a bit-rate of 705.6 kbps. The compressed audio is a
    monaural CBR WMA at 44.1-KHz-sample-rate with a bit-rate of 20 kbps or

    Where/when is there any change in sample-rate?????????

    There is definitely a change in bit-rate. However, that is totally
    different from the sample-rate. Totally.

    BIT-rate and SAMPLE-rate are two completely different things.

    In linear PCM audio:

    BIT-rate = SAMPLE-rate X bit-resolution X number of channels

    Stereo has two channels. Mono has one channel.

    44,100 Hz X 16-bit X 1 channel = 705,600 bps

    No offense but please respond with reasonable answers & keep out the
    jokes, off-topic nonsense, taunts, insults, and trivializations. I am
    really interested in this.
  2. Here is a reasonable answer, stop asking asinine questions.

    If you want to "change" the digital cell phone industry,
    I would suggest that posting to newsgroups is a pretty
    pointless activiy. You should really be out raising lots and lots
    of capital for your first takeover.

  3. Charles

    Charles Guest

    Please restate the original question or questions for the rest of us
  4. Sjouke Burry

    Sjouke Burry Guest

    We will as soon as you ask a non-STUPID question.

    You do that on purpose(crossposting and acting stupid) do you??
  5. Dana

    Dana Guest

    And you are still a clueless idiot.
  6. Bob Myers

    Bob Myers Guest

    Please ask reasonable questions in the first place.

    Bob M.
  7. Tommy Tucker

    Tommy Tucker Guest

    You are so fucking retarded.

  8. Guest

    STFU troll.
  9. Tommy Tucker

    Tommy Tucker Guest

    Ha! You must be Radium's gay lover. STFU and go back to sucking him
    off, you ass clown.
  10. Cubit

    Cubit Guest

    I would have the wireless phone do VOIP on universal wireless internet,
    accessible everywhere.

    I have felt that there should be provision in all future wireless base units
    to relay the internet "cell" signal to other devices as a background
    activity. This would expand the connectivity penetration.

    By cell, I'm not referring to the existing cellular phone network.

    Phones might also be relay points during calls, when they are using their
    battery to transmit anyway.
  11. **** YOU! "Radium"!!!!

    Blithering/fucking idiot!

    You are a uneducated troll....

    I suggest people add "Radium" to their ignore (for ignorant) list.
    You blabber on and on about nothing. No one is interested in your opinions.

    Discover women or masturbation, stop playing on Usenet, we are not amused.

    *Personally speaking, I don't care what you do or think you ass-licking
    bottom feeder*.
    I simply killfile "Radium" and all posts regarding you now. makes my reading
  12. RWEmerson

    RWEmerson Guest

    Thank you, Porgy, for the articulate and mature response!
  13. Jim Leonard

    Jim Leonard Guest

    Reasonable answers are not possible because you didn't actually ask a
    question. You stated that all digital cell phones should suddenly
    switch to 20kbps CBR WMA instead of the (better, more efficient, more
    optimized for voice) codecs they are already using.

    If you have an actual question, please restate it in a new thread.
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