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Please help me match a component (relay) - pics included

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by beatbox, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. beatbox

    beatbox Guest

    This is a very newbie question. Hope someone can help.
    I have a Samson Studio Amp which has a problem with audio drop outs.
    I've read that it's a known problem with the output relay. So I want
    to replace the part.

    There are pics of the relay and the relevant part of the amp schematic

    The spec for the part seems to be here:

    It has six pins.

    Can anyone suggest a part I can buy in the UK which matches the spec?
    I saw a post in a forum where someone said they used the Finder 40.52,

    But they had to snip off two of the pins. I notice it is rated at 8A,
    while the original part seems to be 5A. Is that significant? If I was
    to use that part, would I buy the 24VDC one?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, Mike. It looks like you're headed in the right direction for
    finding a replacement for the Han Kuk relay (I don't think they've got
    distributors -- they seem to be a Korean B2B manufacturer).

    There aren't any datasheets available on the web for the Han Kuk
    relay. Working with the picture and link you provided, the original
    is a 24VDC coil relay with two "Form A" contacts. That means there
    are two separate switches inside the relay. When the relay is
    energized, both switches turn on. There are no extra contacts for the
    switches so the common will make with another contact when the relay
    is off, too. That would be a "Form C" contact.

    Many times, the audio engineers will start development with a standard
    product, and then try to wring savings out. If the board footprint of
    your Han Kuk is a standard 5mm, it's very possible the engineers
    decided to save money here. Two fewer PCB holes, and also a somewhat
    less expensive relay if they only needed two normally open contacts.

    Now your replacement *is* a two pole Form C, which means it's got
    those two extra, unneded contacts. Cutting off the two extra pins
    will not hurt the internals of the relay in any way. Apart from
    making it useless for reuse, there's no problem there.

    Now the relay contacts have a rating for how much current they can
    switch on and off. The Han Kuk is apparently rated for 5 amps, and
    the Finder is rated for 8. That means the Finder may have slightly
    heavier, more durable contacts (silver alloy), which can switch a
    slightly greater current. Either that, or the folks at Finder may
    just be defining contact life a little differently -- there's no
    absolute standard. Either way, there should be no problem with using
    the Finder as a replacement once you cut off the extra pins -- that
    is, assuming the PCB layout of the Han Kuk is the same.

    Good luck
  3. beatbox

    beatbox Guest

    Thanks a lot Chris, I'll give it a go. I hope this one does have more
    durable contacts that Han Kuk!
    Best wishes,
  4. Guest

    Hello, When doing relay replacement, you can consider HONGFA's relay. and contact me at thank you!
  5. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

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