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please help me identify this board/chips

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Michael, Aug 1, 2003.

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  1. Michael

    Michael Guest

    Hi - I recently pulled a VFD display from a wrecked car. I was hoping to
    be able to interface with it with an AVR. The only problem - I can't
    find any information on it or the control chips on it. The board seems
    to be made by a company called Trans Tron Limited, Inc. In big white
    letters and circled it says TGP1066AA which I'm assuming is the
    board/circuit name. On the side of the board this is written: 20127d.clp
    20127d.cmp 20127d.csl. On the other side 20127d.sol and 20127d.slp is
    written. I'm thinking those must be schematic and board file names,
    though I'm not familiar with those particular formats. On the board
    there is a sticker that says vh4099 F 21001075849. I don't know what
    that would mean. Maybe a batch number or something. Lastly, 0E-8020 is
    written in one corner.

    There are three chips on the board. One has this written on it:

    NEC Japan


    The chip is in a surface mount package and is 16 pins tall and 24 pins
    wide. Strangely enough though, all 16 pins on the left side of the chip
    are missing - with little stubs sticking out of the plastic. Next up are
    two identical chips. This is what is written on them:

    NEC Japan

    These two chips are in 44 pin surface mount packages - with 11 pins on
    each side.

    On a connecting board there is a Motorola microcontroller that appears
    to be driving the display, so I'm optimistic that I can drive it with an
    AVR. I checked chipdir for these chips and found nothing. I don't have
    access to any other databases. I also found no info about them through
    google. NECs website was similarly unhelpful. I also found no
    information on Trans Tron Limited's website. So - can anyone give me any
    information on any part of this display? Anything whatsoever would be
    helpful. Thanks!
  2. Rob

    Rob Guest

    I have these as pdf's and will send in reply to this message.
    Reply to after 4pm UK time.
  3. It sounds like the names are for gerber files:

    ..cmp - Component side artwork
    ..clp - component side soldermask
    ..csl - component side silkscreen
    ..sol - solder side artwork
    ..slp - solder side soldermask

    20127d is probably referring to the pcb number and revision, maybe the artwork
    number if the company numbers them seperately. Probably of little use to you.

    What make/model of car was it?

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  4. D16310GF

    This is a UPD16310 high-voltage display driver. Datasheet is available
    from for free (I just downloaded it to check).
    These are UPD16326 32-bit fluorescent display tube drivers. Datasheets
    available from partminer, again.

    If you have trouble downloading the datasheets from,
    let me know and I will email them to you.
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