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PLCC adapter plug-in solution

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by NoSp, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. NoSp

    NoSp Guest

    I have a PLCC type mc68000 processor in a PLCC socket and I'm interested
    in adding an interface board which needs to access several pins of the
    processor. I'm picturing myself the interface board with some sort of
    plug-in PLCC adapter which firmly plugs into the existing PLCC socket
    (with the 68000 inserted into). Is there such a thing, or are there
    better solutions available?

    Here's a photo of the MC68000 processor in the PLCC socket:

    And here's a drawing I've made which illustrates my idea of inserting
    the DIY interface board into the PLCC socket with the 68000:
  2. Dave Pollum

    Dave Pollum Guest

    If you search for SMT adapters or test sockets, you may find something
    close to what you need. Ironwood Electronics comes to mind, but
    they're quite pricey.
    -Dave Pollum
  3. NoSp

    NoSp Guest

    You're right. I had a look at their site where I found "PLCC extenders"
    to seem suitable for the task. Of course at around 100 bucks a piece
    it's out of the question.
  4. Dave Pollum

    Dave Pollum Guest

    There's another place I remembered: P/N: 68PL-W
    ($12.00) has a 68-pin PLCC socket that plugs into a carrier board that
    holds wire wrap pins. You could make a small PCB that breaks out each
    pin. You place your break-out PCB just underneath the carrier board
    and solder the pins to your break-out board. Then you insert and
    solder the ww-pins into your main board.
    This is what I had in mind:

    [ ]
    [ ] <- PLCC socket
    ========== <- carrier board
    | | | | <- wire-wrap pins
    ================= <- breakout board
    | | | |
    | | | |
    ================= <- main board

    -Dave Pollum
  5. NoSp

    NoSp Guest

    That sounds like a good idea except the soldering as I really don't want
    to unsolder the existing socket on the main board.
    Is there something similar that just plugs into the existing PLCC
    socket, either allowing the 68000 processor to stay in the main board
    socket, or similar to your solution above where the 68000 is to be
    removed and placed in the new socket instead.

    I know there are solutions available where you don't need to remove the
    PLCC socket, the IC already inside the socket, and you can just plug it
    in. I just don't know the details, and the I'm getting no replies from
    the companies that do these projects.
  6. Dave Pollum

    Dave Pollum Guest

    Just out of curiosity, how many adapters do you need?
    There are PLCC "plugs":
    P/N: M68PL-PL-ZAL looks like it would be perfect for you, but it's
    $190.00! Oh well. Keep on Googling, you may find what you want at a
    decent price. Let us know what you find.
    -Dave Pollum (who does _not_ work for
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