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PLC S7-200. Need a help!

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by kubik, Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. kubik

    kubik Guest

    Hi all!
    I' ve this problem.
    I' ve taken the work of designing an automation plant for testing
    power counters.
    This plant would be similar to another one already working and designed
    from another engineer that now is work for another company.
    I would like to start from the taking the program of the plant just
    The plc used in this implant is Siemend S7-200.
    I' ve downloaded the S7-200_PC_ACCESS_EVALUATION_V10 from siemens and i
    have the SIMATIC-STEP7-MICROWIN_V3.2 .
    - If install this evaluation version on my PC can i connect by serial
    port to the PLC and download the program?
    - Does the PLC S7-200 require a password from the author of the program ?
    - Do i have to use a modem for making the connection?

    Thanks in advance to all that will give me an advice for this question (
    very important for me ).

    Regards Kubik
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