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PLayStation ll

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by WickBros, Jan 13, 2004.

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  1. WickBros

    WickBros Guest

    Workin on a PS2 that was knocked off a table with about 2 ft drop on
    linoleum, only damage was the cd tray front cover broke off, but it still
    functioned, Owner thought he could work on it himself, I noticed that the
    reset/eject ribbon cable had been pretty mangled, and all I did was to
    re-align the laser focus, had it opened and spread apart on bench and played
    like 6-7 DVD's on it solid with no prob. In re-assembling it after I was
    confident in it, the ribbon cable finally gave out as I was putting the lid
    on it, well ordered a new one, put it in, tryed to power it up and now I get
    nothing, p-supply out voltages seem norm, but yet its "dead in the water",
    no lights,eject,video
    there a SMD fuse or a reset button hidden somewhere???
  2. Mike

    Mike Guest


    There is a BAxxxx IC that typically overheats if removed from its heatsink
    and it knockes out a chip fuse with a "50 marked on it.

    PS11. check it. it might be open. if it is, the BA IC next to it is your
    trouble, there is also a ton more on there. Check all chip fuses that have
    an arrow pointing to them labled PSxx, those are fuses.

    JOHN CARR Guest

    A?, Are you sure that you have the ribbon cable inserted correctly on both

  4. Mike

    Mike Guest

    yea, check that too
  5. WickBros

    WickBros Guest

    Mike, John,
    thank both you'se guys very much, yes, my first obvious oversight was the
    ribbon too, I had checked that, but I'm gonna check out the other stuff
    tomorrow, again, much thanx!
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