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Playstation 2, last chance

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by John Smith, Nov 29, 2004.

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  1. John Smith

    John Smith Guest

    my son has a PS2, version 4, I think, (eight screws in the bottom). It
    stopped loading and sometimes freezing, getting worse over a period of
    weeks. I've done all the usual stuff - cleaning, increasing the magnet
    strength, adjusting the angle of the laser (turning the little white
    gogwheel) until I'm cross-eyed. I'm told I can't adjust the voltage on
    this model. Now it's much better - every game loads superbly, quicker
    than ever, the memory card loads up and the game starts.
    Only thing now is that the games freeze, especially when changing
    location, or going on "missions" and the message "Error reading disc"
    shows after a couple of minutes play.
    I'd be grateful if anyone knows of any other fix I might try - it
    feels like it's so close to working it would be a shame to give up on
    Kind regards
    John UK
  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Does Sony offer flat rate servicing? It sounds like you've done just about
    everything you can easily do on your own.
  3. I have repaired a few of these and found the main reason for the same faults
    as yours is CAPS. get yourself an ESR meter and chech the surface mounted
    Electrolytic caps (ie the silver one's) these go very high ESR when
    replaced your unit should work. do not fiddle with the adjustable pots that
    is not the fault.

  4. Daremo

    Daremo Guest

    I had one of these, (not sure of version) which I totally screwed up. I was
    adjusting the voltage at the laser and completely tore the head off of the
    little pot there. I was going to ebay it for parts, when a guy emails me a
    phone number for Sony. He says it's such a known problem that they're
    repairing them under warranty. So my wife calls them, I tell her not to
    offer that I was inside of it, but to tell them if they asked. There were
    NO QUESTIONS ASKED. I fully expected them to get the unit and tell my I was
    SOL since I'd bunged it up, but I got a repair at NO COST. They set up RMA,
    I did have to pay for shipping, though. This was more than 6 months ago,
    and if you email me at ibleedblack AT austin DOT rr DOT com I'll try to find
    the phone number tonight. I also have a "How to fix Playstation 2 Disc Read
    Error" pdf, but it pretty much says all the things that you've already

  5. my son has a PS2, version 4, I think, (eight screws in the bottom).

    A model number would be a better descriptor of the console version.
    "Magnet strength?"

    First off, a lot of what you have done was probably unnecessary and usually
    acts to make the problem worse.

    If you remember the original position of the white gear, reset it! Also make
    sure that the leaf spring with the notch at the end is resting in the gear's
    teeth on its left side and not underneath the gear itself.

    Secondly, if the console had a lot of dust in the drive, you would also have to
    relubricate mechanical parts to allow the drive traverse to function smoothly
    after cleaning by airblasting.

    If you only cleaned the dust out and didn't bother to relube the wormgear,
    pickup slider tracks, and the pickup's sleeve bearings for those sliders with
    high quality molytone grease, then it's no wonder why you would still have

    Sony didn't really use enough lubrication in those mechas and the dust tends to
    dry out what little lube there is on those things.

    One sign of this problem is when it has a harder time reading PS-2 CD-ROMs
    (blue-bottoms) than PS-2 DVD-ROMs (sliver-bottoms).
    And you shouldn't because tweaking the laser gain potentiometers on the pickup
    doesn't really work effectively anyways.

    And, there are two pots for this. One for the IR laser for CD and the other
    for the red laser for DVD.

    If the pickup is worn enough to the point that it's "weak," replacement of the
    pickup is really the only reliable fix.
    I suggest reseting all the adjustments back the way they were, airblasting the
    pickup and drive clean of any dust, cleaning the objective lens, and
    relubricating the kicker wormgear and slider tracks with high quality
    medium-to-low viscosity grease. - Reinhart
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