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Playstation 2 - CD-ROM Reader

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Bob Shuman, Jul 26, 2005.

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  1. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman Guest

    Got my daughter's Sony PS2 that I'm trying to get working again. She had
    managed to jam a CD-ROM in the sliding cassette tray. I got it apart and
    fixed the mechanical problem. Also cleaned the lens carefully with
    isopropyl alcohol. Reassembled and mechanically everything seems to be
    working, but disc does not read. Instead, only a read error shows.

    Can someone tell me the sequence of events when a disc is inserted? Mine
    closes the tray, then briefly uses the laser to verify the disc is present
    (this part seems to work fine). It then spins up the disc and the laser
    assembly moves slightly up and down, but does not move in the horizontal
    axis (toward the center or edge of the disc) at all. It just stays locked
    in the near center . I can move this slide assembly manually by spinning
    the drive motor worm gear so nothing is stuck. Seems it is not getting a
    signal to the motor to drive. I see it uses a type of flat press on ribbon
    cable and suspect it may be the cause.

    How do I get the board out and in what order do these cables need to come
    off and go back on? Thanks in advance for any assistance. I do plan to
    attempt this when I get some time, so would appreciate pointers in advance.

  2. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    To know if lens motor drive is working just slide the lens all the way to
    the outter. It should return to the centre of the disc when you put one in.
    If it does then it's probably the laser or spindle motor that's failing.
    There is a gear at the rear of the mechanism used to adjust the angle of the
    laser to the disc in steps. Mark where it is and adjust it one click at a
    time. This can get them reading again.
  3. Bob Shuman

    Bob Shuman Guest


    Thanks. This is exactly what I needed to know. I have moved the worm gear
    to get the mechanism to the outer edge, but it never moves. It appears the
    motor is not getting any signal. This confirms my suspicion that the
    problem is a loose flat ribbon connector to that motor.

    Any advice on taking this apart to get to the circuit board to resecure the
    cable? Looks like a bear given the length and placement of the other 3
    cables going to the CD-ROM? I have the CD-ROM assembly separated, but can't
    get at the circuit board. It appears I need to remove the front controller
    connectors and rear power etc. as I see two screws holding each. Your
    advice and direction would be appreciated.

  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Guest

    Yeah there's a few things to do to get it apart. Just be really careful with
    the connector for the game port cable as it breaks easy. Gently lift the
    edge and it should flick up releasing the cable. I think you have to unscrew
    the fan and the power connector before the bottom cover comes off. Was a
    while ago since I took one apart. Have fun!

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