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Planned Obselescence....A Good Thing?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Too_Many_Tools, Jan 14, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Do you have figures or reference to show that this endless manufacture
    and replace with new process is a tiny part of world energy
    consumption? I'd just assumed it was a major energy consumer.

  2. Nate Nagel

    Nate Nagel Guest

    At least WRT automobiles, we could save a lot of energy by repairing
    existing ones. I'm not sure what exactly it "costs" in energy to build
    a car, but I seem to recall that it's something on the order of that
    consumed by 10 years of regular use.

  3. Leonardo

    Leonardo Guest

    Probably why they don't sell them in the 'States'

  4. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Dont need them. Even the most superficial analysis of the
    energy use of a household will show that the energy use for
    heating, cooling, transport etc leaves the energy use for the
    manufacture of domestic appliance replacement for dead.
    More fool you.
  5. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Some gutless fuckwit desperately cowering behind
    Andrew VK3BFA <> desperately
    attempted to bullshit its way out of its predicament and
    fooled absolutely no one at all, as always.

    No surprise that it got the bums rush, right out the door.

    Even Telecom had noticed what a completely unemployable dud it was.
  6. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Not true.

    Some recommend 3000. A lot more recommend 5000 for severe, 7500 for

    The real problem is that the oil change industry has apparently
    convinced many people that just about all driving falls into the severe
    service category, even though the manufacturer makes it perfectly clear
    what they consider severe service, and in reality few people fall into
    that category.

    Since there's no real downside, at least for the vehicle, in having
    unnecessary oil changes, the "cheap insurance" excuses is regularly
    trotted out.

    Are you going to believe Honda and Toyota, two companies that are
    absolutely anal about their reputation for long term dependability, or
    are you going to believe Jiffy Lube?
  7. Vic Smith

    Vic Smith Guest

    A person forks over $30,000.00 or $40,000.00 to one of those dealers
    you speak of who says from behind his $500 suit, "Nah, just change
    the oil every 5,000 miles and don't worry about. Excuse me, I've got
    to talk to a customer"
    Same person pulls into a Jiffy Lube maybe 4 times a year and hears
    an earnest kid in greasy overalls say "Oil and filter changed, added 2
    pounds of air to front left and right rear tire, air filter ok, trans
    fluid ok, topped off the washer fluid. You might want to get your
    serpentine belt checked, sir. It's frayed. That'll be $21.99, sir.
    Thank you for using Jiffy Lube. See you in 3 months or 3000 miles."

    What's the better experience?
    Now it's time for you to trot out the tales of oil streaks on the road
    leaving Jiffy Lube and a blown engine because the kid cross threaded
    the drain plug.
    You got your stories, I got mine.

  8. Mark Rand

    Mark Rand Guest

    Maybe you need to look for automobiles with decent engines then :)

    Mark Rand
  9. Gunner

    Gunner Guest

    Raymond of Warminster PA (10/31/05)
    My 2001 Camry was in the shop for an oil change on Sept. 06, 2005. Their
    shop order indicated date of service as Aug.31. After driving to the
    Jersey Shore on Wed., Sept. 07 and subsequent driving on Thurs. and
    Friday I noticed a strange texture to the rear pasenger mat. On checking
    further I found the floor flooded as was the case under the front
    pasenger mat. It took two days of mopping and shop vac. at home to suck
    up the water. On taking the car to my mechanic I learned that the air
    conditioner drain hose had been deliberately shoved up into the car body
    and that was the cause of the flood. It was fished down and the problem
    was eleminated. The mechanic asured me that this could have only been
    done deliberately as the hose was pushed well back from the opening.

    I rather like this one....

    "They also had poor customer service one of the employee that started on
    my car went over to another customer's car and started smoking
    marijuanna i made sure he didnt get back under my hood what good that
    did it still got messed up all i want is my car fix I am a single
    working mother attending school and it is hard trying to get around
    without my own transportation I have to pay someone everyday to take me
    around and i have missed days off work because i couldnt find someone I
    call the region office and they told me I would hear from a distrct
    manager I havent heard from one yet Would you please help me to get this


    "Deep in her heart, every moslem woman yearns to show us her tits"
    John Griffin
  10. The Real Bev

    The Real Bev Guest

    Man, what a memory! I'd forgotten that.
  11. If you tell people 3000, a lot of them will start thinking about it at
    3500 and get around to doing it at 5000 or 6000. If you say 7500, they
    get around to it at 10,000 to 12,000. So if the ideal is to change it
    at 7,500, your better off saying 3000, so most of the people will
    change it before 7,500. Saves a lot of hasle in the long run.
  12. He make shis living changing oil. What do you expect him to say?

    The better experience is my own evaluation of my own driving habits and
    conditions as well as reading what the manufacturer of the engine and
    testing laboratories conclude. Short distance driving in cold weather?
    Certainly 3000 miles is a good idea. Longer distances in temperate
    climates? Easily 7500 miles. Having put 200,000 miles on cars with that
    change interval, I'd conclude it works for me. Only car I ever had an oil
    related problem was one I bought used with 100,000 miles on it and it was
    the GM 3.8 V-6 of the early 80's. I have no idea how, if ever, the oil was
    changed in it.
  13. Guest

    I think 5000 cuz it's easy to see on the odometer but usually procrastinate till
    about 7000.
  14. lsmartino

    lsmartino Guest

    Andrew VK3BFA ha escrito:
    Don´t forget this other website:

    seems like the guy is a legend. I wonder if he speaks other languages
    besides english... if he can annoy the english speaker world, I guess
    he will have the talent to show his "gifted skills" in other languages
  15. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    I am indeed. Eat your heart out, wogchild.
    Nope, never bothered with the babble you stupid wogs get up to.
    Just another of your pathetic little drug crazed fantasys, wogchild.
    Guess again, wogchild.
  16. lsmartino

    lsmartino Guest

    Let´s do an experiment ===> Rod vs. Rod !!

    Rod Speed ha escrito:
    Keep furiously sweeping the awkward evidence under the carpet.

    It's a tad more complicated than that.

    Fraid not.
    You really are a juvenile little child.

    P.S: Reply constructed using
  17. SMS

    SMS Guest

    They're not my stories. There are regularly warnings by automotive
    columnists and mechanics to avoid the quick-change oil change places
    like the plague, as well as the horror stories of customers that have
    had their vehicles damaged by these places.

    I'm not risking my vehicle to a place like that. I'll bring it to a
    reputable independent mechanic, do it myself, or go to the dealer if
    they have a good price. Usually the Toyota dealer has an oil change deal
    that is cheaper than Jiffy Lube, plus they are using better quality
    filters, and more experienced mechanics.
  18. SMS

    SMS Guest

    LOL. Maybe some people are like this. I try to do the maintenance as
    close as possible to the proper interval, so I can keep on schedule over
    the long haul.

    It's becoming moot as more and more vehicles have service interval
    indicators that are based on driving conditions, temperature, etc.
  19. SMS

    SMS Guest

    Yes, if you _only_ do short distances, you build up moisture in the oil
    system which doesn't get vaporized by engine heat. But short trips with
    occasional longer trips and freeway driving gets rid of that moisture.

    All the experts agree that 3000 mile oil changes are almost always
    unnecessary for normal service.

    There are sometimes side benefits to the 3000 mile changes, such as when
    people have an oil burning engine yet never check or top off their oil.
    The 3000 mile oil changes mean that they'll have a lot more oil in their
    engine, on average, than if they did 7500 mile changes. There were some
    Saturn engines where the oil needed to be exceptionally clean because it
    was used to hydraulically to tension the timing chain. Varnish build-up
    in the timing chain tensioner bore could cause the tensioner mechanism
    to malfunction, and lead to timing chain failure. But these sorts of
    issues are pretty rare.
  20. Rod Speed

    Rod Speed Guest

    Some stupid wog claiming to be
    just the puerile shit you'd expect from a stupid wog.
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