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Pl. help me to fix my sony DCR-HC32

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Apr 23, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Unfortunately I bought a sony camcorder a yr ago. I was OK eventhough
    its pictures were not good. But shockingly,two weeks ago its display
    LCD panel stopped working from changing colours to blocked out. No I
    have to look into the view finder to see the image. Worse than before
    now the view finder image become dimmed and contrasted alternatively.
    I stopped filming. but when i checked the tapes at TV its OK. No
    problem. I tried all gimmicks from the manual. I called the SONY. OHH
    MY GOD!!! they are asking $200 to see the problem. I cant throw and
    buy a new. because I can afford another one. I cant spend that much
    money to fix it.

    Please Please anyone come with a solution to fix this by myself or at
    lower cost.

    thank you

  2. Guest

    I dont honestly think repairing it yourself is realistic. If Sony want
    $200 you could try a low price repair shop, getting a fixed quote of
    course, you might or might not get lucky.

  3. Did you type this message on a cell phone?
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